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DMCA Notice and Takedown Policy

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All the contents on this website are written by experts of this website and we do our best to keep it unique, reliable and genuine. We believe that contents on Top Ranking Dude are not copied from anywhere. However if you have personally found that there’s a copyright infringement happening on any of your work on the Top Ranking Dude website please let us know in writing by submitting a DMCA take down notice:

  • Identify the work(s) for which you own the copyright and that are being infringed upon; Please make a list of URLs that contain your work(s), and if possible screenshots that will assist us in locating the work(s).
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Quick Note

We are putting lots of efforts to make this blog very unique, genuine, reliable and user-friendly for greater user experience. Any changes that occur in the website with time should also be saved in this copyrights record.

Contents in this website are copyright protected and may not be reproduced without owners written permission. If you have any questions regarding copyrights, reproducing or redistributing contents from this website, please Contact here.