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Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels 2021

Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels (updated 2021)

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels: Have you ever wondered who controls the global digital platform YouTube? We looked around and found the top 10 influencers hitting social networks with viral videos, depending on the number of subscribers to the channel. The 10 most subscribed YouTube channels have approximately 850 million subscribers. These YouTubers produce videos that span many categories, such as music, entertainment, and sports, and indeed have proven their dominance on the platform.

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The Top 10 YouTubers have 847 million subscribers and have recorded over 5 trillion views.

In fact, the top two channels alone account for 300 Million subscribers. In short, it makes up one-third of the total top 10 subscriber base, which is above the next three on the list.

This is a remarkable advancement of the video-sharing platform, founded in 2005, to provide Internet users with a platform for sharing user-generated videos.

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

  1. T-Series
  2. Coco Melon Nursery Rhymes
  3. SET India
  4. PewDiePie
  5. WWE
  6. Like Nastya
  7. Zee Music Company
  8. MrBeast
  9. 5 Minute Crafts`
  10. Dude Perfect

These channels are most certainly having the highest followers on YouTube. And the content they produce acts as the primary bait for viewers for the platform. These are the most popular content creators on the platform.

01. T-Series (Subscribers – 197 Million)

T-Series – Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels (updated 2021)

Over the years, there has been a fierce battle between the Tseries and PewDiePie over the number one position on YouTube. PewDiePie has been a kingpin for some time. However, the popularity of the T-series in India, coupled with the release of far more content than any of them, now puts them in a clear top position.

T-Series is India’s largest music label and film production company. The company indeed runs 29 YouTube channels, but this one is the premier one. The YouTube channel showcases music videos and film trailers, and much of the content displayed is in the Hindi language.

02. Coco Melon Nursery Rhymes (Subscribers – 121 Million)

Coco-Melon-Nursery-Rhymes – Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels (updated 2021)

Coco Melon is a creator specializing in 3D animated videos of traditional nursery rhymes and original nursery rhymes. Although ranked 3rd overall, it is currently the most-watched YouTube channel in the United States. They are the most subscribed children’s channels.

The videos primarily showcase how children, adults, and animals interact in their daily lives. The videos on the channel are a combination of standalone music videos, compilations, and live streams.

The content acts as tempting objects for children are now they are fed using these. Parents give them the tab – children get busy and they get to do their work or feed them distractingly.

03. SET India (Subscribers – 118 Million)

SET-India – Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels (updated 2021)

The presence of T-series and SET Indian showcases the importance of the Indian market to YouTube. SET India joins the T-Series as one of the most subscribed channels. The abbreviation stands for Sony Entertainment Television and is owned by Sony Pictures. SET is one of India’s most popular TV channels, and its support is now also landing on their YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel acts as a popular 24-hour Hindi entertainment channel that provides complete entertainment for the family. SET India offers a wide range of genres, from thrillers to dramas, events, comedies, game shows, and dance shows. The video appears to be a mix of summaries of their television shows, along with some complete episodes.

04. PewDiePie (Subscribers – 110 Million)

PewDiePie – Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels (updated 2021)

Felix Kjellberg, known as PewDiePie, is a Swedish gamer and second most subscribed YouTube channels YouTuber. He launched a YouTube channel in 2010 and posted gameplay videos. Three years later, in 2013, his channel became the most subscribed YouTube channel.

PewDiePie’s channel isn’t currently the channel with the most subscribers, but PewDiePie is at the top of the list of individual YouTube users with the most subscribers. AS as per the Youtube category T-Series is a company and cannot be termed as an individual creator. This fact makes Pwedie pie the biggest YouTube creator existing currently.

05. WWE (Subscribers – 83.1 million)

World Wrestling Entertainment or popularly known as WWE, has been hosting professional wrestling matches on television for many years. As with most of these wrestling matches, WWE matches are entertainment-based performance theaters with action-oriented, scripted, partially choreographed matches.

Its top-rated YouTube channel includes videos of popular WWE superstars, behind-the-scenes fallouts of live shows such as Raw, SmackDown, and NXT, and original shows such as Top 10, List this, and WWE’s The Bump.

The fights are scripted – and many of the teenagers were in deep shock when this news came out.

06. Like Nastya (Subscribers – 78.4 Million)

Like-Nastya – Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels (updated 2021)

YouTube is still in the children’s realm. Just behind Diana are Nastya and her cute vlog. About new toys, family games, and traveling with friends, Nastya reports on everyday life on the vlog and is the most registered channel in Russia.

Moreover, this channel is just one of many channels run by Nastya and his family. For example, the Nastya Vlog and LikeNastya Show have millions of subscribers.

07. Zee Music Company (Subscribers – 78.6 Million)

Zee-Music-Company – Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels (updated 2021)

This is another Indian company that shows the impact of a large number of Indian viewers on YouTube. The company quickly gained a significant market share in Bollywood music.

We see T-Series as a significant competitor in both YouTube and the entire Indian music market. The company has an extensive library with over 222,000 hours of television content and 3,818 movie titles.

They share official Indian music videos on YouTube channels.

08. MrBeast (Subscribers – 74.2 Million)

MrBeast – Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels (updated 2021)

From its launch in 2012, with some little subscribers, it has certainly come a long way to become one of YouTube’s most random, colorful, and eye-catching channels. Jimmy Donaldson of the United States is known for viral challenges such as eating the world’s most giant pizza and charity stunts such as donating $ 1 million in just one minute.

In other words, the content published on the channel makes it very hard to resist. Some extraordinary original videos lure the viewers to the channel and, in return, offer entertainment and some binge content.

09. 5 Minute Crafts (Subscribers – 74.2 million)

5-Minute-Crafts – Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels (updated 2021)

5 Minute Crafts Channel shows the diversity of YouTube channels. It provides life hacks and crazy home economics tricks and teaches people how to do them themselves. It advertises that it is a place where you can experience “the fun of doing it yourself.”

Of course, not all life hacks are particularly useful in everyday life. One of the viral videos shows how to put an egg in white vinegar for a day and then soak it in maple syrup and blue dye to make a more significant blue egg.

10. Dude Perfect (Subscribers – 56.8 Million)

Dude-Perfect – Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels (updated 2021)

This channel comes under the sports entertainment category. It was founded by “Five Best Friends” in 2009, in Texas. It involves many sports with good doses of comedy. Starting initially with basketball trick shot videos, entrepreneurs are making videos about different sports, but also nerf battles, funny stereotypes, and lots of trick shots.

A unique combination of sport and humor explains the great success of the team of dudes. Further among dudes, Tyler Toney acts as the prominent leader and narrates the intros and exits of the videos, in certain manners.



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