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Top 10 Universities to Study Abroad

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Going to an overseas university to study is a significant dream of students among various sections of society. However, in the past year, the plan of abroad studies has come to a halt, due to COVID and travel restrictions. The notion of studying in an overseas university is thrilling. But opting for an overseas university in 2022, is still a logical idea? Borders are closed, travel restrictions, and with all this, you think where I can go?

Currently, the first thing a student should do – find a program in a university that is open to foreign students in 2022. The overseas university should be able to impart valuable skills. It should provide you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture while staying on track with the degree program.

Studying abroad is a significant way to develop academic, social, and language skills adding. Despite the education, the experience adds an unparalleled depth to your university experience. Everyone looks forward to going to another country and learning the native language.

Subsequently, to help you in your process, this article carries different locations with highlights and the essence of each of the following universities in various countries. Take a look at the benefits and the cost of living with all the expenses of some of the best universities abroad for Indian students.

Students can choose between an exchange program or a direct enrollment. Some universities offer courses in some native languages to enrich the experience.

We bring you the top 10 universities to study abroad. These places have renowned student bodies, with the best reputations in different formats. The top universities are located in one of the best cities in the world, with breathtaking views of beautiful landscapes and central locations across the globe.

Likewise, here is the list of Top 10 universities to study abroad.


01. Stockholm University, Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm University Sweden

Sweden has been consistently ranked as one of the best places for international students to study. This conclusion is drawn upon due to many factors concerning the way of living, safety, opportunity, and work-life balance. Stockholm University offers various undergraduate and post-graduate programs in English.

Subsequently, it is a great place where you can rely solely on English as the Swedes are a high level of English speakers.

Everyone has a desire to go to a foreign country and learn their native language – the wish can come true in Sweden. But what if it can happen for free?

The University of Sweden offers various programs to pursue and, learn Swedish in the way. More importantly, the Swedish course will be on the universities tab, and you can pursue them for free with your regular course.

If you finalize this University for an abroad study, do check out various scholarships the University offers and the other sources that can cover the tuition fee.

02. Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands

The Dutch are known as master bilinguals – more than 75% of the Dutch are proficient in English. English is everywhere inside and outside the University premises. It makes university life a lot easier. Dutch universities are known to compete with the leading universities of the UK and US.

Studying in the Netherlands can be an enriching experience and it is great if you can get a job in the end. The Dutch degree provides you a global value. It is one of the earliest universities to adapt to an English curriculum. Approximately half of the students in the university are international students.

The international student audience and the multicultural environment can extend your stay probably. The University has exchange programs to enroll.

Europe is nearby, so if you are wondering about the Euro trip – plan a small one on the weekends.

03. John Cabot University, Rome, Italy

John Cabot University, Rome, Italy

Italy is one of the best cities to study abroad for international students. The city offers the best place to stay with adequate tuition fees and you get to live in Europe at a small cost.

This is a private Liberal arts university that has all the classes in English. John Cabot is the central flower for international students to study abroad. The reputation of this the university attracts students from developed countries.

The crowd of the University comprises students from the U.S., Russia, and nearly 60 different countries. You can study in this beautiful city of art, culture and have eternal city experiences in the early years of your life.

04. Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Lisbon, Portugal

Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Lisbon, Portugal

International students have rated Portugal as one of the great destinations to study in Europe. Located in the beautiful city of Lisbon, UCP offers numerous degrees in English in undergraduate and post-graduate programs.

You can opt for business studies, science, law, or social science-based on your interests. UCP has been rated as the best place to study and live abroad, 2020.

Students accommodate in Lisbon in mere budgets and enjoy the shining time of youth in the beautiful city.

05. University of Malts, Msida, Malta

University of Malts, Msida, Malta

One of the world’s oldest and most respected Universities, located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the tiny island of Malta. The University of Malta welcomes around 650 students from 77 countries of the world.

In terms of learning, it is a beautiful place to study and live for several years. Malta is a very safe country with a low crime rate and stable political climate, so no riots and no closing down the universities.

Healthcare becomes a significant concern while studying abroad, and the University is in Europe known for its high standard of healthcare. The students will need health insurance, either staying for a few months or with a more extended residence permit.

06. Technical University of Munich (TUM), Munich, Germany

Technical University of Munich (TUM), Munich, Germany

Germany offers various scholarship programs, to waive off the tuition fee. If you are thinking of Germany for abroad studies, TUM can be a great option.

Germany is a hub of Indian students studying abroad, and many communities others from around the globe. The country offers quality education and some programs free for all international students.

T.U.M. is ranked as the 50th best country in the world based on various university ranking standards. The University is linked with various institutions and has partnered in numerous ventures in the international community.

Students can get their dream abroad study here for only $175 a semester; there is no tuition here. It is an incredible place for the best student life.

07. Harvard College, U.S

Harvard College, U.S

One of the potent names in the abroad study brochure, Harvard offers a transformative experience, and they provide their study package as an opportunity to become a global citizen.

The University is devoted to excellence and teaching innovations. It has stood out in fields of research and innovation and needs no introduction. Approximately 20% of the students are not paying anything to study at Harvard, and the other half receive need-based scholarships.

Harvard boasts the largest academic library globally and has over279,000 alumni from U.S. and 59,000 from other countries. It can be a great place on your shortlist.

08. Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s reputation for hospitality and welcoming nature precedes it. It is home to innovation and advancements in more straightforward means keeping the traditional essence of the city intact.

Sophia University offers a wide range of programs in various sections to choose from, taught in English. It is one of the top-ranking UNI of Japan. It is located in the heart of Japan, Tokyo.

You can never have a shortage of things to do in the epicenter of the city. If you prefer, you can learn Japanese and mix it with the locals on a level. To sum up, you have a taste of the Japanese traditional culture and get to complete your education surrounded by one of the very mannered races globally.

09. National University of Singapore, Singapore

National University of Singapore, Singapore

One of Singapore’s oldest and high ranked universities, it is the most consistently highly ranked UNI of Asia. Singapore is a bilingual pot and offers courses in English, Tamil, and Malay.

The N.U.S. university has partnerships with major global Universities worldwide and it subsequently offers exchange programs. The transfer of credits is easy, along with top approval from major U.S. study houses.

Studying in Singapore can be great exposure for you to explore a myriad of languages and cultures. You can explore Asian culture in its truest forms and have plenty to do on a budget.

10. Univerisdad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Univerisdad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

It is locally known as U.C.3M. and is a private university offering ranger of bachelor and post-graduate programs in English. The university partners with major universities across to globe to ensure credit transfers.

Then university attracts international students due to its reputation among its peers in the international community. The place can be your all-in-one package if you are a football fan; the city has affordable living, a vibrant student scene, and a great place to stay for study abroad.

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